A hashtag may be key to saving #USToo from madman Trump and his minions

If hashtags like #BlackLivesMatter, #ArabSpring, #ICan'tBreathe, #JeSuisCharlie, #MeToo, can change the world then why not use #USToo to save us from President Trump? (JIM WATSON/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

#BlackLivesMatter. #ArabSpring. #ICan’tBreathe. #JeSuisCharlie. #MeToo.

These simple hashtags changed the world; gave voice to millions, turned whispers into national and international cultural, social, racial and political revolutions.

What about a hashtag for all of US citizens who feel helpless before a madman and his minions who are turning our democracy into dictatorship?

For us then, #USToo.

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For those who believe — as Sen. Gillibrand has urged — that President Trump, king of all social media, should resign from office: #USToo.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (pictured) has urged President Trump to resign from office.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (pictured) has urged President Trump to resign from office.


For US voters who are angry that the U.S. President responded to the senator’s call to step down by implying that she, a sitting U.S. senator is a whore who’d trade sex for campaign contributions? Well, then, for her AND for US: #USToo.

For US Americans who believe that we can bring even the most powerful to their knees — where the President thinks Gillibrand belongs: #USToo.

For a President who disrespects and demeans women, the FBI, football players who protest, foreigners, and the rule of law: #USToo.

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For the President who lies about everything from crowd size to wiretapping to the Russian connection, #USToo.

For the President who called torch-carrying white nationalists, “some very fine people?” #USToo.

For a President who denies allegations of his own sexual misconduct, as dozens upon dozens of tremendously powerful pervs crash and burn, #USToo.

For those of US who are disgusted that the President of the United States has had good words for bad leaders like Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte, and Xi Jinping of China? #USToo.

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And for every senator and member of congress who has put party and President before citizens and country, #USToo.

For every cabinet member who quivers before the President when he rules like a dictator instead of a public servant who can be ejected from office, #USToo.

For every elected official who is afraid to stand up, speak out and shout out loud against D.C.’s deranged demagoguery disguised as democracy? #USToo.

For every member of congress who has voted for a tax bill that could strangle the middle class, #USToo.

For those of US who believe that the President’s support of the FCC decision on Net Neutrality will allow the giant telecoms to use it to both police the web and make the internet a place where the highest bidder gets the most access, while we little guys get screwed, #USToo.

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Posted in Columns on December, 2017