Bill O’Reilly has no one else to blame for his predatory sexual behavior

Neither God nor O'Reilly's accusers caused harm to his family and children. (NBC/NBCU PHOTO BANK VIA GETTY IMAGES)

Bill O’Reilly is pissed at God for not protecting him. Really?

Just a question then, Bill: From whom did you need protection? The women you sexually harassed/assaulted/humiliated? The media, which you and that other predatory Fox swine Roger Ailes, controlled in great part?

Maybe it’s just that God forgot to protect you by including a better set of lawyers in your Fox contract. Oh wait. The woman to whom you paid that record-breaking $32 million hush money IS a lawyer.

Damn! That glitch alone is enough to get a guy good and pissed at God.

It’s one thing for a guy who has never before had to account for his actions with anything but money to believe himself suddenly so much a victim that he blames God for his self-inflicted fall, but O’Reilly has now stooped so low that he’s even dragged a colleague’s dead son into the blame game. Hard to comprehend, but he even blamed the accusations (i.e. the accusers) against former colleague Eric Bolling for the death of the man’s son.

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Posted in Columns on October, 2017