A reporter stumbles knee-deep into a major news story in Stasi’s riveting first novel. Alexandra Russo
receives an assignment to cover the trial of Demiel ben Yusef, who has been accused of terrorist
atrocities. Others believe he has been framed and that he is actually the resurrected Jesus Christ. As his
followers clash with his opponents, Russo watches ben Yusef walk to the courtroom. Before he enters
the building, though, he stops to give her a kiss. She’s suddenly in the headlines. Why out of the
thousands in the crowd was she chosen? As she struggles for answers, Alexandra quickly learns that
her life is in danger. Stasi does an amazing job of mixing science with religious paranoia in this
compelling thriller. The question of ben Yusef’s divinity propels the narrative to an amazing
conclusion, though there is a clear setting-up for a sequel. Dan Brown and Steve Berry fans have
another controversial novel in which to lose themselves. — Jeff Ayers –

Posted in News & Events on July, 2017