Harvey Weinstein can kiss Hollywood goodbye after subjecting dozens of women to his subhuman behavior

Sicko Harvey Weinstein can’t imagine Hollywood without Harvey. (ANDREW KELLY/REUTERS)

What separates Harvey Weinstein from serial rapists who are reviled the world over?

Nothing. Well, except money and power.

If even half the allegations are true, he is as bad as every slimy rapist hiding in a dark alley. He should have been prosecuted by Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance in 2015 when actress Ambra Battilana Gutierrez caught him on tape. Instead, Vance decided to do right by Harvey and do wrong by the victim, the police and the public by not pursuing a case against the alleged monster of the movies.

As more women come forward with allegations of sexual assault, rape, harassment, being forced to watch him masturbate, invitations for naked massages, or having oral sex forced upon them, it’s adding up to more women being assaulted by him than not.

Who did he miss, The Golden Girls?

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Posted in Columns on October, 2017