It took strong women speaking out to knock monstrous Harvey Weinstein down

If the allegations against Harvey Weinstein are true, his life has been one long "Scary Movie." (RICHARD SHOTWELL/RICHARD SHOTWELL/INVISION/AP)

For decades, Harvey Weinstein held the world, not to mention another unmentionable in his hands. And now he’s barely holding on.

The movie mogul is on leave from his own company while an investigation is conducted into his behavior, which if true, is worthy of a monster in a horror movie, a “Scary Movie” even — but without the laughs or fun. Just the nightmare.

Finally after getting away with claims of harassing women in the most horrific of ways like asking them for massages, demanding favors and exposing himself, the disgustingly deemed Don of Drama has been exposed for being a sexual predator.

And it took a powerful woman like Ashley Judd to do that by opening up in an interview in The New York Times in which she and other women told of their experiences of being harassed by the master (or make that the masturbater) of movies.

These women finally came forward to bring a monster to his knees — a place where they allege he wanted them to be if they wanted to get ahead in the business.

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Posted in Columns on October, 2017