It’s time to recognize male victims of Hollywood sexual assault

Corey Feldman ended up a Hollywood pariah for among other things, speaking out about sexual abuse. (ARAYA DIAZ/GETTY IMAGES FOR OVATION)

Nobody listened as Hollywood pedophiles allegedly raped, molested and destroyed male child actors’ lives for decades. Few believed it. Even fewer cared. Most still don’t.

To some, the newest revelations reinforce what they already believed about gay men — that gay men like underage boys. How crazy is that?

Pedophilia is no more gay sex than rape is heterosexual sex. Both are crimes committed by perverted beasts, not consenting adults.

The now-grown male victims of these Hollywood rapists and assaulters were laughed at, mocked, shamed, put down, degraded and some say threatened. They were called deranged and wacko opportunists, because, really, who doesn’t want to get famous by admitting you were raped by a pedophile power broker when you were a frightened, helpless little child?

Corey Feldman, for one, has been mocked for years for trying to let the world know what happened to him and to his best friend Corey Haim, who he says was raped at 11 years old while filming a movie. He’s now raising money for his own documentary about it.

Feldman ended up a Hollywood pariah for among other things, speaking out. Corey Haim wasn’t as lucky. He ended up dead at 38 from untreated pneumonia after years of suffering from depression and drug addiction. Some wounds are so deep the only way to get relief is to die.

Now suddenly each day we’re hearing about other Hollywood victimized kids, but unlike the tales of women who were sexually assaulted and harassed, the ordeals of these now-adult men tend to be smaller stories.

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Posted in Columns on November, 2017