Only a clueless man would blame ‘willing’ women for Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein is accused of harassing or assaulting numerous women. (ILYA S. SAVENOK/GETTY IMAGES FOR THE 2015 TRIBEC)

Suddenly the powerful men who knew Harvey was a monster are sorry they didn’t say anything? Now they’re beginning to admit that they regret they didn’t stand up, stand out, stand apart and scream out loud that Harvey Weinstein, a disgusting slug of a Hollywood ogre, was rampaging like an out-of-control California wild fire?

Is it because Harvey wasn’t rampaging through THEIR lives that they shut up, shut down, didn’t stand up to the beast within their midst earlier?

Yes. But now that they’re beginning to crawl out of the devastation with their too-late male mea culpas, we’re beginning to see — at least with one man — women-blaming and victim-shaming.


Posted in Columns on October, 2017