Pols failing to save lives with sensible gun laws are the real mass murderers

The NRA spent $21 million big ones to help get the President elected with pro-Trump and anti-Hillary ads, (OLIVIER DOULIERY/TNS)

Guns don’t kill people, our elected officials do. So far this year our elected officials have been responsible for — and gotten away with — the shooting deaths of 13,203 people and the injuring of 27,045 more.

Their actions — or non-actions — have killed or injured 621 little children and 2,771 teenagers. Our elected officials killed and injured our loved ones, even each other, as if they’d held those assault rifles simply by continuing their immoral Pay-to-Slay relationship with the National Rifle Association.

They killed thousands of innocents by kowtowing to a President who says guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people — even though he’s the one who rolled back the restrictions on selling guns to the mentally ill.

Who exactly are the crazy people here? Who are the murderers? It’s time we brought these un-indicted mass murdering co-conspirator politicians who have links to the domestic terrorist organization known as the NRA to task.


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Posted in Columns on November, 2017