Recent ratings plunge shows Trump just can’t keep his audience satisfied

The ratings for the apprentice in the White House are tanking faster than the ratings for “The Apprentice” on TV.

In other words, they stink and are sinking fast at 36%, according to a new CBS poll. That’s George W. Bush territory. OK, he hasn’t hit Richard Nixon’s low of 24%, but considering the FBI obstruction of justice investigation just like Nixon had, and now-yes-an impossible-yet-possible secret taping in the Oval Office? Can the number 24 be in too far in his future?

The Donald hopped aboard the Tricky Dicky express flight from fame to shame in record time.

Here then the top five recent reasons Trump’s numbers dropped faster than his comb over in the rain:

1. He’s insane:

OK, that assertion aside, who but a right wing nut would send his spoiled, inexperienced orthodox Jewish son-in-law to negotiate peace between the Israelis and Palestinians? Further, why, oh why, would he think it is a good choice to send the rich son of an ex-con dad from a forever feuding family to negotiate peace in an area that’s been in conflict since the year 3000 BCE?

Now if that’s not a guy with a clear understanding of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, nothing is.

Jared Kushner, presidential son-in-law, was sent to negotiate peace talks with Israelis and Palestinians … a job he is wildly unqualified for.


2. The no audio press conference:

What next? No speaking announcements? In an Orwellian act that even George couldn’t have dreamed up, reporters were brought into the briefing room for a no cameras/no audio press conference on Monday. Freedom of the President now bests freedom of the press. Not.

3. Hiring of Sean Spicer. Imminent Firing of Sean Spicer:

Even fans are disgusted at the epic bad judgment the President showed in hiring a toady who behaved like a roadie — a press secretary reduced to picking up after the President each time he trashed the joint (in this case the constitution). Worse, by being so clueless, Spicer inadvertently exposed the President for what he is — all grease and no machinery.

4. He fired James Comey who was investigating Michael Flynn, wants to fire Robert Mueller who is investigating HIM, (or so Trump says):

It’s Nixon deja vu all over again. But this is worse since it involves Russia interference in our elections. And those maybe-secret Oval Office tapes? Seriously? Those who don’t know history and all that.

Even fans are disgusted at the epic bad judgement the President showed in hiring Sean Spicer, a toady who behaved like a roadie.


5. War of the bad hair dictators:

Trump, at first, played up the release of American prisoner, 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, by North Korea as a triumph for Team Trump — even though the young man was returned essentially dead.

The fact is Kim Jong Un, who could be the demon son of Mao and Moe from the Three Stooges, played our President like a broken board game.

Trump then made the tragic situation worse by doing about the most cowardly and reprehensible thing a President can do: He blamed his predecessor for Warmbier’s death. He also made this bizarre pronouncement: “We will handle North Korea.”

Meaning-what? That he’ll nuke the north? Or maybe he’ll just promise to build a wall in the ocean instead. That could be the perfect ratings booster lie his sagging presidency needs.

Posted in Columns on June, 2017