Rich, powerful pervs like Harvey Weinstein evade justice while accusers face smear campaigns

Accusers of the rich and powerful — like actress Rose McGowan (r.) — are often subject to brutal smear campaigns after coming forward. (KEVIN WINTER/GETTY IMAGES)

Yeah, yeah we’re always shocked but never surprised when yet another media mogul, celebrity or sports star is accused of being a pervert, batterer, or rapist pig.

Bill Cosby. R. Kelly. Michael Jackson. Bill Clinton. Donald Sterling. Josh Duggar. Woody Allen…

Now we’ve got Harvey Weinstein.

And yeah, yeah again, we’re always shocked and never surprised when that rich and powerful man walks or isn’t even indicted.

So why is it then that we’re still always shocked and never surprised when it’s the victim who is made to look like a liar, a gold digger or a blackmailing slut? Sometimes even by other women.

In the filthy Harvey Weinstein case, for example, the only people who publicly came out in his defense are women who’ve made their livings off of other women: Lisa Bloom, the famous women’s rights attorney who was defending Harvey until she resigned just before he got booted from his own company, and Donna Karan, the yoga-spouting, dress-designing do-gooder.

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Posted in Columns on October, 2017