Sean Hannity mistakenly calls Hillary ‘President Clinton’ and it’s the most truthful thing he’s ever said

Sean Hannity referred to Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as "President Clinton" during his monologue on Monday. (FOX NEWS)

Sean Hannity opened his show Monday night by saying that he was about to give one of the most important monologues he’d ever give on his show and then proceeded to call Hillary, “President Clinton.”

And that alone made it not just one of, but THE most important monologues in the history of his show. It’s not often that the well-informed firebrand forgets to get fully dressed-to-kill before getting on the air like that. But Monday night, Hannity showed up with his Freudian slip showing, which peeked though the second he called the candidate who won the popular vote the “President.”

He knows Hillary won. Donald Trump knows Hillary won. We all know Hillary won the popular vote, which is why they constantly have to remind us that Donald Trump won even though he lost by 2,864,974 million popular votes.

No wonder Hannity mistakenly called Hillary “President Clinton.” Well, hell, man, she did win by the largest margin any candidate ever lost by.

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Posted in Columns on November, 2017