Surrogate moms are celebrity incubators

Surrogacy is the new slavery: womb slavery.

The latest celebrity to hire a personal broodmare (after having two children naturally) is the newly black Kim Kardashian.

Surrogacy — the method by which rich or at least well-off couples hire women who generally aren’t in the same financial stratosphere to carry their babies to gestation — is now the designer way to birth.

Take Kimye, who are rich beyond you/our/their wildest dreams. Wouldn’t the moral thing for them to do — especially after having two children naturally — would be adoption?

In the U.S., there are about 400,000 kids in the foster system — with 100,000 of them waiting, praying, to be adopted.

But then again, what kind of parent thinks that having film crews around recording their every move for the world to see, makes for a healthy home environment for kids?

Worse, right off, why would any couple, fast on the heels of a husband’s public mental breakdown, bring yet another child into the world?

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Isn’t that the first thing troubled people are told in marital counseling?

Rule: Kids don’t heal your personal crazy.

But back to surrogacy, which becomes front page every time yet another celebrity hires a brood mare.

Kim Kardashian.


Let’s be honest: pretending that carrying another’s child — a huge leap from the old-time, rich lady wet nurse — is not a financial deal pure and simple. It is, frankly, a lie pure and simple.

A woman who carries a stranger’s babies to gestation for money isn’t — no matter how they blog about it — in it strictly for altruistic reasons. No matter what they say.

Oh, right, what about those who carry and give birth to babies for family members without compensation? Weird.

Yes, I know, politically incorrect!

Maybe, but at least it’s honest. How do you carry a baby, give it birth, and hand your newborn to your sister like some 19th century out-of-wedlock woman hiding the shame of her pregnancy? How do you do it without sorrow; without natural maternal feelings erupting afterwards?

And then, who are you to that baby? Mother? Aunt? Friend?

It’s like a scene out of “Chinatown:” My mother, my aunt, my friend, my cousin.

And here’s a reality check: A surrogate must take hormones and drugs, which in and of itself are not what a healthy woman would otherwise do.

Then there’s the surrogate’s emotional side, which rich couples looking for surrogates should seriously consider.

Whether it’s your fertilized eggs or Kim Kardashian’s, the reality is that a bond develops inside the womb between a mommy and child. This despite the surrogate knowing from the get-go that when she gives birth, she’ll be handing this life to people with whom she’s made a cash bargain.

“Postnatal depression and even grieving is not uncommon following surrogate motherhood,” according to

But then why should a couple with bucks worry about someone else’s emotional state after they’eve paid her to give you what you want?

And we’re not talking about small change. Rich Chinese women are reportedly paying American surrogacy agencies $150,000 for surrogates. In India, it’s become a national shame with the spread of surrogacy among poor women.

In the U.S., intended parents should expect to spend between $98,000 to $140,000, according to

It’s womb slavery for willing and sometimes desperate women to provide children for the rich and wanting.

Maybe that’s why New York doesn’t allow residents to become surrogates.

Whatever the reason, it’s nothing more than “The Handmaid’s Tale” without the hats.

Posted in Columns on June, 2017