The party of #MeToo is great, but the party of #ScrewYou wins elections

Al Franken leaves the Capitol after speaking on Dec. 7, 2017. (ANDREW HARNIK/AP)

The dopey Democrats in congress had better stop acting like they fell off the Mayflower and are choking on their own underwear when it comes to sexual misconduct — real and alleged — in their ranks.

In their zeal, they’re forcing out anyone with accusations of wrong-doing without thinking about the good of the country. Meantime, the Republican President of the United States is out there endorsing an alleged sexual predator.

Rep. John Conyers and Sen. Al Franken have done wrong, yes, but they have histories of doing right in terms of the Democratic agenda on firearms, health care, women’s reproduction rights, equality and wages.

Meantime, the Bible-toting Republicans continue to do the exact opposite with the accused sexual predators in their ranks. They endure, endorse and elect their alleged pervs while the Democrats repent, retreat and remove theirs.

The party of #MeToo is great, but the party of #ScrewYou is winning elections.

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Posted in Columns on December, 2017