Thrillers Roundup: Dark journeys and high-stakes dramas (Providence Journal)

It’s been three years since Linda Stasi published her debut thriller “The Sixth Station,” but her latest, the equally outstanding “Book of Judas” (Forge, $25.99, 384 pages), was well worth the wait. Especially for the millions who made “The Da Vinci Code” one of the most successful books of all time.

Intrepid New York reporter Alexandra Russo again takes center stage, this time on the ultimately deadly trail of a manuscript that may or may not hold a shattering revelation about the history and origins of Christianity. Imagine a document that calls the gospel as we know it into serious question and you’ll have an idea of the stakes involved, even more so from a personal standpoint for Russo.

“Book of Judas” more than lives up to the promise and scope of its ambition, Stasi having crafted a finely tuned, beautifully constructed thriller that would make Steve Berry and James Rollins proud.

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Posted in News & Events on September, 2017